Why Choose Muhika Junior Schools?

Muhika Junior School is a private primary school located in Kira Nsasa, off Kyaliwajjala Road.

The school is mixed day and boarding, with both international( for pre-school) and UNEB curricula to support our student's academic excellence. 

At Muhika Junior School, learning goes beyond the blackboard. With a skilling centre and a talent-nurturing program, the school trains students in tailoring, baking, liquid soap making, cooking, etc.

Talents like swimming, art, music and all other sports are nurtured from the very beginning. 

We are preparing our students to become responsible, talented, and job-creating citizens in the future. 

Reviews From Our Parents

Some reviews from our own parents

Lawrence Mukasa

‘’My daughter joined Muhika Junior School in primary 4, and ever since then, she has developed a genuine love for learning. 

She is not only excelling academically, but she has also learned life-changing skills. 

She has learned how to bake and tailor in the two years she’s been here. 

Muhika Junior School has made her a young, smart, skilled lady! I am a proud father.’’ Lawrence Mukasa, Parent.

Ivy Kirabo

‘’All schools are focused on academic excellence, all of them, even Muhika Junior School itself. However, just a few primary schools take time to nurture and grow a student’s talent!

When I discovered that Muhika Junior School has music classes, where they train students to play instruments, I knew it was the right school for my son because he has a great passion for guitar. 

He plays guitar in our church’s Sunday school because of Muhika Junior School. He is also excelling academically. ’’ Mrs.  Ivy Kirabo, parent. 

Busingye Badru

‘’I chose Muhika Junior School because I knew it would give my daughter a strong foundation for her academic and talent growth, and I was right. 

This school provides a warm and nurturing environment for her to excel, and I appreciate the fact that her teachers are so supportive. 

She has had the opportunity to explore various interests, from swimming to tailoring. 

The beauty of this school is that it is so passionate about skilling our children and nurturing their talents. This is not something you find everywhere.

Reviews From Our Students

Reviews from some of our Students

Ainebyoona Yona

‘’My favourite thing to do at school is play the piano. I want to be a musician when I grow up, which is why I take music classes seriously. 

I am also learning how to play the guitar.  

I am so lucky because I have the opportunity to learn and play all these instruments while I am still young.’’ Ainebyoona Yona, student.

Namukasa Shakira

I love my teachers so much; they’re like superheroes, especially Tr. Grace. Our teachers are patient with us; they answer every question we ask them. 

They also guide us and advise us on different things like personal hygiene, respecting elders, etc.’’ Namukasa Shakira, student. 

Ashley Samantha Alinda

‘’I always look forward to the different events at school. We have cultural day, sports day, book week, and even music competitions. 

I love participating in different activities, like swimming and MDD.

On cultural day, we all get to showcase our different cultures; we wear cultural clothes, do our cultural dances, etc.  

I have learned a lot about other cultures because of this.’’ Ashley Samantha Alinda.

Paul Ateker

My teachers have helped me improve in different subjects, especially mathematics. Our mathematics teacher uses interesting and fun ways to teach us, which makes it easier for me to learn things. 

And when I am stuck, my teacher is always there to help me. He never gets tired of my questions.’’ Paul Ateker, student. 

Reviews From Our Teachers

Reviews From Some Of Teachers

Tr. Gloria Kansime

‘’The administration has made it easy for us to do our job. They are very supportive; with everything, they allow us to do our job the way we know best.

Also, I love how all teachers collaborate; I think that’s one of the reasons I love working here.’’ Tr. Gloria.

Tr. Kawalya Johnson

‘’ I love how the school has made it easy for us, the teachers, to work with the parents. Everyone is involved, the teachers, parents, the students themselves, and even the non-teaching staff. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to educate a child.

When children are surrounded by support in every corner, then they are headed for success.’’ Tr kawalya Johnson

Tr. Grace Acayo

‘’Muhika Junior School stands out for its student-centric approach to education.

The administration values the input of teachers and provides the resources needed to create engaging lessons. The focus on understanding each student’s unique learning style allows us, as teachers, to tailor our methods and truly make a difference in their educational journey.’’ Tr Grace Acayo.

Tr. Kanyunyuzi Sara.

‘’One of the things I appreciate most about Muhika Junior School is the emphasis on professional development.

The school invests in its teachers, providing opportunities for growth and learning. Workshops, training sessions, and collaborative forums enable us to stay updated with the latest educational trends, ensuring that we can provide the best possible learning experience for our students.’’ Tr Kanyunyuzi Sara