Skilling Center

Our Goal Is To Teach Our Children Life Skills That Will Be Useful To Them In The Future

We are preparing our students to excel, both in academics and other aspects of life. We believe that having a skill is one of the ways we are contributing to their success, which is why we have a skill centre to nurture young entrepreneurs. 

Our students are trained in skills such as tailoring, baking, liquid soap making, painting, swimming, and catering. 

We have well-trained personnel and equipment that are needed for students to learn all the above skills. 


We are training future fashionistas, and we can’t help but feel proud. They have everything they need at their disposal, from materials to machines and even a well-trained seamstress.

We are always warmed by their little, genuine smiles when they create something.  



Say hello to the Muhika Junior Bakers. It’s not just about baking; the teamwork and time-management skills they learn from this are also important. 

Baking is a practical skill that will benefit them outside the classroom


They say music is therapy, and we can assure you that we have witnessed this, in our music classes. This has been one of the ways for students to express themselves, creatively. 

Our students have the luxury of learning to play more than one musical instrument, ie, drums, guitar, piano, violin etc. 

It has also helped our students improve on their tweak work and collaboration, as well as communication. 

Watch out, because we know the next award winner will be one of ours. 

Liquid soap making

We are teaching our students practical everyday life skills, such as making soap. It also gives them a deeper understanding of the science they learn in class, for example the chemical reactions between different ingredients. 

We are introducing our students to entrepreneurship because we know that with skills such as liquid soap making, small businesses and even new beauty products are born. 


We know that within our midst, there could be the next Leonardo Da Vinci. Over the years, we have discovered that painting is a form of expression for our students. 


Besides encouraging creativity and imagination, it also helps to develop their fine motor skills, as well as decision-making. 


Holding the painting brush, choosing the right colour to use, mixing the colours as well as controlling the brush strokes, and composition, are all decisions made by the student, with the help of their art teacher.