We provide essential and wide variety of facilities at our school and this helps with our childrens' development.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool has proven to help our students unwind and relax while doing physical exercise. 

With trained coaches and lifeguards, our students have the luxury of learning an important life-saving skill.

Science Lab

Learning about science goes beyond the blackboard and the textbooks. Our science laboratory is well-equipped to enable our students to understand and apply the practical part of science


Meals are provided at school every day and are mandatory to all our students. Our kitchen is manned by a team of professional cooks and nutritionists, who make sure that students have balanced-diet meals, at the right time. 

Break tea.

Break tea is usually served from 10: 00 am to 10: 30 am. We serve our students with black tea, milk and porridge, with a bun or bread.


Our students then get their lunch from 1:00 pm, to 2: 00 pm. Our menu is changed daily, ranging from posho and beans, to rice, matooke, cassava meat and g nuts. 


For our boarding students, supper is served at exaclt 6:00 pm tp 7:00 pm. This so that they get enough time to prepare for their evening preps. 

All meals are served within the specified time.


The best way to gain knowledge is through research and reading. At Muhika Junior School, we have just the right amenities to support our students in their quest for knowledge.

Our school library is well equipped with academic books to help them excel in academics, as well as age-appropriate fictional novels to broaden their imagination. 

To develop their reading skills and instil a reading culture in our students, we hold a book week event every term, where parents and students read to each other. 

Our school library is a place for our students to improve their creativity, their imagination, and their vocabulary. 

Sick Bay

Our sick bay is fully stocked with the necessary drugs, as well as two full-time school nurses to take care of our students when they are ill.

We are fully aware that with children, emergencies, especially injuries, are inevitable, which is why our nurses are always on standby. 

In cases of serious injuries, parents are usually informed on time.

For students with chronic illnesses, we advise their parents to always share their medical history with our nurses.