Find Our Curricular Here For Both Preschool And Primary To Make The Best Versions Of Our Students.

Daycare And Pre-school Section.

We blend both the national and Montessori curricula to deliver a teaching approach that focuses on the child’s interests. 

Our team of early childhood learners prepares learning experiences that make learning interesting and enjoyable for the little ones. 

Through different learning activities such as colouring, playing, storytelling, and many more, our students can learn important cognitive skills from a very young age. 

We know that education is the key to success. But we know that giving your child a strong foundation is an open door to success. 

Primary section.

For our primary section, we mainly focus on the national curriculum. As well as skill development. We’ve got a team of professional teachers who have innovated a creative and fun approach to teaching, making it easy for our students to learn and understand. 

Besides the formal classroom education, we further train and skill our students in different activities such as baking, music, painting, liquid soap making, tailoring, and catering. 

We believe that blending our national curriculum with a set of skills will prepare our students to become successful entrepreneurs and responsible citizens.