Why Choose Muhika Junior Schools?

Muhika Junior School is a private primary school located in Kira Nsasa, off Kyaliwajjala Road.

The school is mixed day and boarding, with both international( for pre-school) and UNEB curricula to support our student’s academic excellence. 

At Muhika Junior School, learning goes beyond the blackboard. With a skilling centre and a talent-nurturing program, the school trains students in tailoring, baking, liquid soap making, cooking, etc.

Talents like swimming, art, music and all other sports are nurtured from the very beginning. 

We are preparing our students to become responsible, talented, and job-creating citizens in the future. 


Daycare and pre-school section.

We blend both the national and Montessori curricula to deliver a teaching approach that focuses on the child’s interests. 

Primary section. 

For our primary section, we mainly focus on the national curriculum. As well as skill development.

School Facilities

We provide essential and wide variety of facilities at our school and this helps with our childrens’ development.


Admission & Application Requirements

Interested in Admission for your children please find the application requiremnts listed below:

Requirements for admission/ interviews. 

  • Birth certificate
  • Report from former school

Pre school


  • Age
  • Ability


School Calendar Events

We pride our selves in always having school activities that push the skills of our students to greater heights and acknowledge that they are indeed truely special and have special skill sets.

Please do not miss any of our school events to be held in the coming future.


  1. When the school term is opening (5th February 2024)

Co Curricular Activities

We believe that young talents should be nurtured and developed right away. This is why we have several extracurricular activities where students are free to choose what they feel is right for them.

We have games and sports such as swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, and even board games. 

We also have different clubs, such as the MDD club, writers club, debate club, etc. All these clubs add value and skills to our student’s social development. 



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